Kyushu University Business School(QBS)

Kyushu University Business School(QBS)

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    Admission Policy

    Admission Policy of the Department of Business and Technology Management (Business School)


    Educational Mission Statement

    We aim to turn out highly trained professionals with the abilities required for innovative business administration that will open up new possibilities in advanced industrialized societies. Our students develop professional knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities, especially with regard to Asian business and Management of Technology (MOT), two key areas of our program. They also learn how to combine and apply these educational assets to real-world business situations.


    Educational Program

    Our curriculum consists of subjects fostering in our students the knowledge and abilities required of business professionals. This is in accordance with Article 2 of the Professional Degree Program Establishment Standards, which states, “The aim of a professional degree program lies in the development of a solid academic background and the outstanding abilities required in professions demanding high-end expertise.” Those who complete our program will be “international business professionals with an understanding of business administration and industrial technology to fulfill our goal of fostering business in Asia.” In addition to covering the foundational elements of an MBA (required subjects in “the MBA basics”), our curriculum addresses two main fields of study: “strategic business management” and “industrial and technological management.” We have a systematic program based on a philosophy of “business based on learning and learning based on business,” through which students develop as scholars with superior competencies to fulfill their duties in society as consummate business leaders requiring a high degree of professionalism.


    Target Students

    We seek business persons who are driven by a pioneering spirit, leverage in business, and an intense eagerness to obtain a working knowledge of business. Our aim is to produce business professionals who can play a leading role in the global development of enterprise and contribute to the creation of industrial societies in this new era, which need their state-of-the-art knowledge, skills in advanced industrial technology, and outstanding administrative abilities. In addition to Japanese individuals with a variety of work backgrounds, we also accept a certain number of non-Japanese foreign students, as well as those continuing their studies directly from an undergraduate program without any significant work experience but with the belief that intellectual exchanges will give birth to new and valuable knowledge. Hopefully, this policy will encourage Asian-oriented international talent and give to those without any work experience an opportunity to learn practical business knowledge and develop a managerial sense through interaction with mature students with strong employment backgrounds.


    Selection Process

    An emphasis is placed on the application materials and an interview to ensure fairness and transparency in the selection process.


    We have two types of entrance examinations: general and special.


    The general entrance examination targets business persons in companies or public offices with at least two years’ service at the time of application, as well as graduate and undergraduate students. The first stage of selection depends on the application materials, which are evaluated to assess learning abilities, motivations, and future aspirations of prospective students. The second step is an interview to be conducted in Japanese focusing on endowments, future goals, motivation, and language ability (if an examinee is non-Japanese). In addition, those applicants who do not submit the certificate of English proficiency are required to take an English placement test. For educational purposes, we take into consideration the benefits of a diverse and international student body, as well as individual competencies, in the selection process.


    Our special entrance examination will be offered to applicants with significant potential in specific areas, such as MOT and Asian business. We examine the application materials and then conduct an interview in Japanese. Those without a certificate of English proficiency must take an English placement test.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.