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    To be Exchange Student

    Exchange Student to QBS

    Up to 2 students of partner business school in East Asia can be the accepted as exchange students by QBS according to student exchange agreement between universities, or between partner business schools and QBS. QBS’s school year starts in April and exchange students can participate the latter term starting at the end of September and ends at the beginning of February.
    Interested students have to apply in March at the each partner business school and have to send the necessary documents by the end of March. Although tuition is exempt due to the agreements, exchange students have to pay airfare and living costs during the 5months stay.
    Exchange students do not need to be fluent in Japanese but needs to be fluent in English. QBS offer several courses in English and exchange students can also take Japanese language courses and JTW (Japan in Today’s World) courses.


    About Application
    About Exchange Program



    About Application

    Is there any condition for the application of exchange program?

    Two conditions:「With proper language capability that can attend English or Japanese classes」and「The student belongs to the following cooperate university of QBS」are necessary.


    China Northeast Provinces
    Business School, Jilin University
    School of Business Administration, Northeastern University

    School of Management, Dailian University of Technology

    School of Business Administration, Dongbei University of Finance & Economics


    China Beijing
    School of Management, Renmin University of China
    Guanghua School of Management, Peking Univesity


    China Changjiang Area
    School of Business, Nanjing University
    Antai School of Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    School of Management, Fudan University
    School of Management, Zhejiang Univesity
    Huazhong University of Science and Technology


    Thailand Bangkok
    Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University
    Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Thammasat University


    Korea Seoul
    Korea Advanced Institution of Science and Technology


    Phillipines Manila
    Ateneo de Manila University


    The detailed conditions of language capability

    The language capability that can attend classes is mandatory. The basic level of TOEIC is 730 points, and TOEFL one is 550 points. In the case of Japanese capability, Japanese Language Proficiency test Level 1 is necessary.
    (The above information is only for reference, we will consider your integrated capabilities.)


    How can I apply?

    The application information will be opened in all cooperating business school offices. Please follow the instructions of home schools to complete application processes.
    Application documents Word(PDF)download


    How can I apply for Visa?

    After the application is approved, QBS will apply for the Certificate of Eligibility and deliver the certificate for the incoming exchange student. It might take one to two months to complete this process. When students receive the certificate, please go to the nearest Japanese embassy and apply for the visa for entrance.


    Can incoming exchange student apply for the dorm by him/herself?

    University will conduct dorm arrangement for exchange students automatically, and incoming exchange students will live in International House.
    The available entrance date changes every year, so when the date is decided, QBS will contact students. And, students will live in the Kashiihama International House which is close to QBS Hakozaki campus.


    Flight Arrangement

    Please book your flight on the date after dorm open day and make sure you can arrive at Fukuoka before orientation. When you confirm your flight, please mail your flight schedule to QBS.


    Can exchange student apply for scholarship

    Exchange student can apply for the following two scholarship through the recommendation from Kyushu University. QBS now does not provide scholarship independently. Other information related to scholarship can be found on the website of International Affair Department. Please check.


    About Exchange Program

    How long is the exchange program?

    From the end of Sept. to early Feb., total is five months. The orientation will be held in the end of September. Please arrange the flight that can arrive at Fukuoka before orientation. In addition, when autumn semester ends, the final presentation will be held, after that the program is formally ended.

    OrientationClass StartFinal Presentation
    2017 Year17/09/29(Fri)17/09/30(Sat)18/02/10(Sat)
    2016 Year16/09/30(Fri)16/10/01(Sat)17/02/11(Sat)
    2015 Year15/09/25(Fri)15/09/26(Sat)16/02/06(Sat)
    2014 Year14/09/26(Fri)14/09/27(Sat)15/02/07(Sat)
    2013 Year13/09/27(Fri)13/09/28(Sat)14/02/08(Sat)
    2012 Year12/09/28(Fri)12/09/29(Sat)13/02/02(Sat)
    2011 Year11/10/01(Sat)11/10/03(Mon)12/02/04(Sat)
    2010 Year10/09/30(Thu)10/10/01(Fri)11/01/30(Sat)


    The subjects which exchange students can take

    Exchange students are recommended to concentrate on(1)English subjects at QBS and(2)Japanese language classes for foreign students provided by Kyushu University, and if you have time,(3)the English classes of JTW (Japan in Today’s World Program) and(4) other English subjects provided by Kyushu University are also available. Please see the following for detailed information.


    (1) English Subjects at QBS

    QBS offers following courses taught in English in fall semester. Since these are the core courses for QBS exchange students, it is highly recommended for you to take the QBS courses.Please click the following subjects for detailed information.

    1. Grobal Logistics (Hoshino)
    2. Project Management (Ohtsuru)
    3. Asian Business Strategy (overseas Prof. from associated School)
    4. Special Lecture 1(Cross-Cultural Management) (Keeley)
    5. Intercultural Communications (Suzuki)
    6. Corporate Value Creation and M&A (Murafuji)
    7. Management Control (Hiramatsu)
    8. Asian Industry and Companies (Shu)


    (2) Japanese Language Courses (JLC)
    Japanese language courses are offered for all foreign students of Kyushu University. It is highly recommended to take these Japanese lessons since these are offered in the morning of weekdays and this is a very good opportunity to learn Japanese language.

    These Japanese language courses are offered at International Student Center as extracurricular supplementary classes to foreign students. Registration notices are given by the Student Section of the Economic department five times a year.
    Please visit the following website for further information:
    About JLC:
    On-line system for application:


    (3) JTW (Japan in Today’s World Program) Courses

    The JTW Program draws on Kyushu University’s diverse resources to offer a wide variety of courses in English in the field of Japanese Studies taught by various faculties. Classes are held at the International Student Center on our main Hakozaki Campus. Each course lasts for fifteen weeks (i.e. one semester), with one ninety-minutes class every week. Although designed specifically for JTW students, classes are also open to regular Kyushu University students including foreign exchange students at QBS. However, you have to note the following features of JTW.
    ・The program is for undergraduate students
    ・Each course is for 2 credits per semester
    ・Credit: Since this is undergraduate courses, it is possible your home universities/business
    schools will not accept these as transferable courses with credits. The academic exchange agreement with Kyushu University secures the provision of the information of academic performance at QBS to your business schools but it is up to your university if you can obtain credits for the JTW courses at your universities.
    ・Please visit the following website for further information:


    (4) Other English Subjects in Kyushu U.
    Kyushu University opens the following English classes for exchange students. You can take the classes available during exchange program.


    Is there any advisor or tutor for exchange students?

    We arrange one professor and one student as the advisor and tutor for every exchange student.
    Advisors will provide opinions for your studying, and tutors will help to deal with issues related to living in Fukuoka.


    Can exchange students use university’s computers?

    There is a studying room for QBS students, and opened in 24 hours. 12 notebookPCs are prepared there, and students can use internet in studying room, too. You can also bring your computer and connect to internet through cable line. And, all the computers in studying room are in Japanese standard/windows.


    Is there any certificate for exchange program?

    In the final presentation, we will summit certificates for exchange students. About the credit certificate of subjects, we will deliver it to your university in the end of March.


    After final presentation, can I stay in Fukuoka for a while?

    After final presentation the exchange program is completed formally, but the international dormitory is available until middle of March.


    Is there any alumni (OB) association?

    Yes. QNIES(QBS Netwark for International Exchange Students) are prepared for the people completed the International Exchange Program. To register your name in it, please send an e-mail to

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.